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find us, visit The Knee FoundationDroitwich is a delightful small down in the middle of rural Worcestershire in the British Midlands. It is, however, quite famous as it has a unique natural feature - an underground sea of concentrated brine (salt), more dense than the Dead Sea.

The town in Roman times was called 'Salinae' ('of salt') and the water was dehydrated for sale - at the time a very lucrative business. Salt was so valuable that the Roman soldiers were often paid in salt, which has given rise to the saying that a 'man is worth his salt'. Nearby Chateau Impney (now a hotel) was the home of the wealthy Corbett family, and local history describes the lonely Mr Corbett falling in love with a French lady, who would only come with him home to Droitwich on condition that he built her a French chateau and he did! But the marriage did not last and she went back to France, leaving him alone in his huge chateau.

The many years of pumping up the saline has caused the town to be somewhat 'wonky' and some of the older buildings have had to be replaced as the floor leaned over so much that it was difficult to walk on them.

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